Tire Brands Available


                                               We offer a wide variety of Brands and Sizes.


 Did you know there could be as many as 3 possible sizes for the make and model of your vehicle?  To be sure you are getting the best possible estimate please double check the size of the tires that are on your vehicle.  The tire size can be found right on the sidewall of the tire (could look like this P225/60R16 88H), on the driver side door jam, or sometimes on a sticker inside your glove box. 


Some of the questions you will be asked could be “Do you have a particular brand in mind?”,  “Are you looking for a certain mileage warranty?” If you have a truck or suv you may be asked, “What type of tread are you looking for, Highway or All Terrain?”  “Is this a LT tire, if so what is the load range?” All of these questions help us to make the best possible recommendation for your tires. 


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